January 5th, 2005



All is well. I couldn't stand being on holiday any more and started eating through my TODO list (mostly personal, a little work). I'm now much happier. There are no new major crises and a few petty victories against adversity. Take care.
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Public calendar

Attention attention!

I've set up a public calendar so that friends, and sometimes even colleagues, can see where I am. It's here:



  • Because it's public, it can't contain very personal or work-wise confidential movements. Usually it'll tell you what general part of the world I'm at.
  • I'm not particularly attached to the .Mac service, but I bought it for another reason and this comes free. It may go away without notice.
  • I am user abinito and not user pavlos at Mac dot Com. Pavlos was taken. Boo-hoo ;-)

If you see something that looks like it shouldn't be public, please shout so I can take it off.


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