October 30th, 2004



I'm in Tokyo, and it's about 9:30 on Saturday morning. Work was serene and long-winded, as usual, and this time I felt it was worth me being there, which is good. Last night I was useless and fell asleep as soon as I got into the hotel.

Now I need to go out and do something useful, even though it's raining. I wonder what one does in Tokyo at 10AM on a Saturday... Maybe go to a large food market.

Back in Edinburgh Sunday night.

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Seeds, fish, art, crafts, and technology

So, I did go out and have a very out-of-character day of shopping and visiting museums. Actually I've been known to visit museums, but I did buy a silly number of items, some of the items silly themselves.

Items purchased33
... of which high-tech6
... low-tech24
... foodstuffs3
Small gifts received4
Art exhibitions seen3
Art missed2
Locker keys used5
Umbrella socks2
Portions of fish consumed12
Shots of espresso8
Train journeys4
Times I got lost1
Tricky places successfully located 5
Weird Japanese signs encountered 3
Weird Japanese people1
Musicians (with instruments)7
Sexual goods and services bought 0