July 11th, 2004


Boringly good

I've been doing relatively useful things. I've sorted out various things and tickets for Greece, and did some shopping for nice things. Today I looked at two Edinburgh flats that were going on sale. They were both lovely Collapse )

In other news, I've been hanging around coffee shops writing my Byzantine game. This is a board game I've been designing for some years now based on the Byzantine empire. Ideas had sort of dried up, but I've hit a new stream of creativity. I'm just waiting for the time when I'm a famous game designer and The Onion speaks of "board game obviously designed in coffee shop". Other than that I have a collection of unfinished rants.

So yes, energy and creativiity are sort of up, and desire to meet new people is sort of down. Not so good. I love spending time with those that I already have some kind of intimate connection with, gained through some very slow process of knowing and trusting, but I'm lacking the energy to approach random people in the hope that we might get along well. I may, therefore, be getting old.


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