September 27th, 2003


Film: Young Adam - 6/10

Good things:

  • It kind of fills a hole in my understanding of life in Scotland by showing aspects of Glasgow in the 50s. Will probably do the same to British people who weren't around at the time.
  • Everyone acts well, even Ewan McGregor, although his part is not the more demanding.
  • Mellow, almost dreamy mood, as most of the film takes place around a canal barge.
  • As far as this can be said of film music, David Byrne's score is excellent.
  • Ewan shags everyone. People's bodies, at least, are realistic.

Bad things:

  • Bad things happen. The central story is sad in a kind of understated but firm, realistic way. No room for a Hollywood happy ending here.
  • Everyone is terrified of everything, except AIDS and strangers.
  • Torrents of emotion run through people's heads and all they manage by way of expression is to look grim and say "will you take some tea?". The actors convey this masterfully, but still...
  • Lots of Clyde and canal water. People falling in. Eeek!
  • Ewan shags everyone very quickly and at times messily, in a false cinematic way, with not much enjoyment apparent on either partner.

Unrealistic things:

  • All the women fall over themselves to get shagged by Ewan's character.
  • Everyone else goes out of their way to facilitate this, almost as if they're grateful someone is doing the job.
  • If the clyde and the Scottish canals were that clean in the 50's I'd be amazed.


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