September 20th, 2003


Tech on your side!

I just discovered the fine LJ feature of "View comment pages in your journal style", under Manage/Info. It makes the comments on your friend's journal appear in your style. Obviously! Why would you want them in their style? You'd want them in yours.

But then, it only seems to work for some friends! For jinxremoving's and lovingboth's journals I see the comments in my style. For xanta and lilitufire I see the old-fashioned unstyled comment page. Eh? What do mine look like?

Anyway, this set me thinking on a geek tangent...

You know how people rate devices using variables like "reliability", "features", or "ease of use"? Well, with smart devices there ought to be another variable, "loyalty". It signifies whose side the device is on.

For example, MSIE and Mozilla have similar functionality but Mozilla is on your side (it lets you block popups, force your own fonts, load pages in tabs, etc) whereas MSIE is on their side - the side of the people who serve the pages. They determine exactly what you see.

So, how would you rate the loyalty of the following devices? 1 means on your side, 5 is neutral, 9 is on "their" side.

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I do think also like a human, but, well, where do I start? Human update tomorrow...

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