June 29th, 2003


I'm back

So, after about 23 hours, three aircraft, and six different forms of ground vehicle I arrived back to this land of attractive stone buildings, straightforward relations between people, pleasantly cool weather, low quality shopping, and tacky men's shirts.

As soon as I arrived near where I live I saw... another fire! But this time the fire management people arrived while it was at the early prototyping stage and swiftly killed the project. Then I entered my flat... and nearly fainted. There have been moths, so before leaving I'd placed mothballs all round and the smell was overpowering. I cleared it now and can go to bed.

I ought to be feeling extremely tired, but I don't. I just feel I want more sex, which I guess is a good sign. But I must be a lot more tired than I feel because A. I have no co-ordination, just banged my knee against a taxi door. B. I'm writing utterly pointless stuff.

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