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Blllurggg hedgehog

I've got a sore throat and feel bllllrgghh gllll mmmggff miserable. Should have stayed in today. Luckily I got over the "no one likes me, I'll go and suffer alone in my cave" nonesense - those who communicated made a difference. I now feel as if I should be entitled to argue with the bug and say "Look, you are such a pathetic disease! You'll likely be gone by tomorrow. You aren't exactly achieving explosive transmission rates. Call it off, shall we?" But no. Also, unhelpfully, when I have a fever and feel miserable, I feel even more desire to touch and play with people. I don't know who evolved these things...

It looks as if I'll get a free trip to London around the 15th, in exchange for some work and some insufferably formal work occasion. I'd rally like to travel to Greece the week after, to hug and stroke people. The problem is that I don't know in advance that work will be OK for me to do so. It may be, or it may be an impossible panic that will make me rather unpopular for teleworking on that week. Conundrum... Must plan.

In other news, if I feel less miserable I'll try to go to Glasgow tomorrow evening. I also need to buy yet more DSL kit, because I managed to buy a router that isn't also a DSL modem, which is kind of useless :-( I really, really need it to, like, reload LJ faster. My landlord is keeping quiet, presumably having discovered the true cost of fixing things in the flat. My bike should be repaired tomorrow. My game character didn't make it to be ruler, but seems to be gettin on fine with the actual ruler.



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