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Didn't make it to Digital

The day started very positively, with a beautiful walk around town. Moist yellow leaves were everywhere, falling on mosss-covered glistening wet tombstones. There was a sensuous, mild, but not gloomy grey-blue light. It smelled fresh and wet, like... never mind. There were plenty of uncharacteristically happy people shopping and generally walking about. I saw a new, supidly named diamond shop in George Street and concluded that this town is going to the dogs.

I missed the farmer's market, unsurprisingly, but I did make it to the furniture shop and picked up my futon sofabed. After three hours of fairly intensive effort I managed to take it home, carry it up the stairs, make room for it, assemble it, and clear away all its packaging. Unfortunately, this left me in a kind of hyperactive, unable to relax mood, and although I had much physical energy left I didn't have the social energy to go to the club. This often happens when I have a productive day; I think I need to learn to sleep or otherwise relax before the evening comes.

There seemed to be some kind of silly WW2 film on TV, apparently starring Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Don't know what they were doing there. It had lots of men in uniforms trying to look serious, utterly obvious spying, and much destruction of scale models. Very masculine! Eventually I went to Favorit to wind down with a good beer, and concluded that Favorit olives are better than Grape olives. My mind took its leave and went off imagining the other people there having sex with each other, which it likes to do when it's bored. I also forgot to turn off the ambient emotion receiver while walking about town, so I accidentally picked up a fair amount of Saturday night male sexual frustration. Duh!

Tomorrow is open for art-gallery visiting, chatting with the owners, and possibly some gaming. I play a web game where one of my three characters is emmigrating. He's about to arrive in the New World, and is one of the relatively few settlers with the stats required to become ruler of a realm there. I have to choose carefully where I land and make some attractive campaign promises. Tomorrow I'll also try to spend several hours on the phone catching up with friends who are away (you are all on LJ, text me if you have a preferred time to chat).


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