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Seasonal Surreal

I like Samhuinn. Even when not on mushrooms, it's attractive and kind of surreal to see all these strange characters on stilts parading through the centre of this dour but potentially gothic town, drums beating and torches alight, policepeople standing incongrouously in the back. This year's event seems to have been even smaller than last year's, but the night was mild and the atmosphere was sweet and sexy. I especially liked liked the topical "Witches against war - Brooms not war!" banner. Didn't manage to drag myself to the club afterwards.

Having got over my well-discussed and strangely geographical lack of sex (have passport, know where to go to get it, not much point grumbling) I now decided I need engaging company and intriguing conversation. Yes. Harder, isn't it? What I have in mind is sort of like a real-time LiveJournal where the participants are physically co-located and contribute short spoken messages. It's crude by comparison, and you can't read it at your leisure, but I think it might be worth trying ;-) I know, I know, I should give up and accept that it's the 21st century. Deary me, already the 21st century! Christ!

Since Anastasia left on Tuesday I feel strangely active and energetic, in a taut spring kind of way. I wonder what may be causing it :-) So far I've tidied up 237 out of the 321 potentially important small pieces of paper on my desk and table, refreshingly threw out much furniture, finally bought DSL kit - thanks for the advice, and I'm getting delivery of my low-performance futon tomorrow. It should also be farmer's market tomorrow, and I'll try to actually wake up and go there just to achieve something new.

My addction to System of a Down has abated to sustainable levels, so I can now listen to Toxicity, Aerials, and Spiders for less than 10 times each in a day. In an effort to step out of my musical and social shell, I'll try very hard to be at Manga tonight and Digital tomorrow. I'd also like to se Morven Callar and All about Lilly Chou Chou, and definitely do not plan to see 28 days later. Next week I'd like to get over to Glasgow/ay to see whatever Annie Sprinkle does. I've never seen her, and she's cool in certain ways.

I'm not on what I seem! It's just my brain.

Oi, Whitby people, Update your journals!


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