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I don't do surveys, it's jinxremoving's fault!

1. What's the first thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a film director, a psychologist, or a physicist. In fact I got trained as a computer scientist and now have a technical management job. When I grow up, I want to be an architect.

2. Describe a dream you remember. The first one that comes to mind:
I was fishing with a rod and line, which I never do. Anastasia was swimming underwater swallowing the bait and the fish hooks off the line. After she came up I argued that this was perhaps a bad idea and she should get the fish hooks out in some way rather than let them destroy her bowels. She very reluctantly agreed that that was sensible.

3. What book are you reading?
I sort of nurse books. The current one is "Propaganda and the Public Mind" by the Chomsky/Barsamian duo.

4. What colour are your sheets?
Purple. They go well with the yellow and orange duvet covers.

5. What song is in your head right now?
None, although I recently discovered Toxicity, by System of a Down.

6. Waitaminnit... Where are you?
Hey! I'm in my living room in Edinburgh, squatting on the computer chair. Fancy that!

7. I am afraid of...:
Joining a new human environment (social, work, whatever) and not being accepted. Pathetic, I know...

8. Your day job/dream job:
I run a small research team at a medical computer graphics company. This is not bad. However, my dream job would be something positive to do with the sex industry, like making good porn or running good play/performance clubs.

9. What movie have you seen the most times?
Deliberately, the Rocky Horror. Otherwise it must be some Star Wars film.

10. One question for Jesus, or Buddha or Muhammed, etc:
What are you doing here?

11. The guilty pleasure you'd really rather not admit to here:
Porn, sex performances, exhibitionism in general. I'm rather ambivalent about prostitution.

12. Comfort food of choice:
Olive oil, with something starchy that absorbs olive oil.

13. What's the last video you rented?
I never rent videos, and hardly ever watch TV. The last video I was shown by a friend was the Buffy Musical Episode. Inspired piece of television!

14. Who do people say you look like?
My mother. I never saw so much similarity.

15. What's the bane of your existence?
Edinburgh. My share options. Everyone's low buying standards that let merchants sell expensive crap. My lack of courage. The day being only 24 hours long.

16. What's the last thing you found on the ground and picked up?
A yellow and purple plastic pocket dinosaur.

17. A writer worth reading:
Noam Chomsky. Richard Dawkins. Richard Feynman. Pat Califia. Germaine Greer seems to speak sense, alhough I never actually read her books. It's also very much worth listening to ciphergoth and purplerabbits.

18. Where would you like to grow old?
Nowhere! It will just suck!

19. A word of wisdom:
You should actively plan to have enjoyment in your life, just as you plan for health, education, money, etc.

20. The question you get asked ALL THE TIME!!!:
Are you Pavlos?

21. When was your last hospital visit?
I went to get my thumb X-rayed. Yes, my thumb. I absolutely hate hospitals, and it's nothing to do with being ill or with squeamishness. They are miserable places.

22. The last thing you said out loud:

23. Current clothing:
Naked. I'm at home and only Anastasia is here.

24. Your favourite season:
Autumn. I sort of briefly enjoy spring too.

25. In my last lifetime I was probably:
Some sort of 19th century middle-class man with a bon-viveur lifestyle and an embarassing set of pro-working-class views.

26. If you were born again in your current society, what would you do?
If I was even a moderately attractive woman, I'd be a porn star and then a feminist academic. Otherwise I'd move somewhere sunny and open-minded and try to pursue the dream job.

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