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Short review: The Eye

Film made in Hong Kong, with horror, metaphysical, and emotional content. After a cheesy title sequence, the film settles into a metaphysical horror story. The horror element is not slapstick, is quite scary, and is measured and respectful for the viewer. Half-way through, the horror element gives way to the emotional one, as the characters seek to unravel (small) mysteries and settle matters. That closure is achieved rather competently, both emotionally and logically, but then the film carries on a bit unnecessarily, and reaches a second closure which is sort of overdone.

Overall, the film is of very high quality and is scary while being respectful i.e. it's not scary by the cheap way of showing you lots and lots of awful things. For example it's not at all like "Audition". It's also well acted, well shot, etc.

The film is somewhat mis-classified as horror, which isn't what it's about. Also, whatever you do, do not read the descriptions and reviews because they consist of nothing but spoilers. Oh, and Hong Kong culture in the film seems entirely obvious and close to ours compared with, say, Japanese.


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