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Today: The mission. I wonder who else turns up :-)

Tomorrow: Open for lazy activities, such as art galleries, gaming, visiting DOM. Elections in Greece, where Anastasia is standing for Pireus town council; unlikely. I must also bite the bullet and use friends groups.

Monday: I really must go to see the doctor about my thumb... I wonder if I'll get to make nice pictures of it with the 3D rendering software that is work. Also must order DSL kit and check that Windows is still working properly at home under VMware.

Tuesday 15: Anastasia arrives, for two weeks (until Tue 29 Nov). I predict I'll be much less grumpy and somewhat more anxious. Gradually throw out landlord's crap furniture and buy own good furniture. We may also go as far as London (&$*%$& US immigration).

Early November: Assuming the US immigration people have returned my passport, two weeks in Greece. Seriously looking for a flat in Athens. Flat in Edinburgh hopefully being renovated in my absence. Anastasia in union elections, will probably get elected. Possibly make an announcement.

29 Nov - 8 Dec: Work trip to Chicago. Chicago prides itself for being windy :-| and a "meat and potatoes town" :-( Didn't notice any sexual perversity though allegedly there is some. Also full of boring suits on business trip like me :-( There's actually plenty to see and do, but we never get any free time. At least some of my colleagues are good fun.

8 Dec for about two weeks: Anastasia in Edinburgh. Her birthday. Maybe go to Copenhagen or Belgium to visit friends.

Christmas-New year: Hmm... what shall we do? Anastasia suggested Morocco, but I don't fancy it and it might be hard work.


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