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Baise Moi!

I went to Glasgow to see Baise Moi! French film with gratiuitous amounts of (real) sex, and even more gratuitous amounts of (simulated) violence. Made by Virginie Despentes, who also wrote it, it tells the story of two women to whom most (but not all) men are violent assholes, until they crack up and go on a killing spree. Sort of like Thelma and Louise for European adults.

Along the way, the film shows quite clearly how rape is not like sex, how it can affect people differently, the difference between sex for pleasure and sex for money, why in general you should respect other people and why it's a bad idea to use a gun in order to solve problems. In fact there the film falls down, because there is so much gratuitous violence it almost misses the point.

I like this recent French attitude that films about sex should have sex in them. It just feels incredibly natural to see the characters fucking, given the context. Some of it makes you horny and most of it doesn't, in this case, because the context is so awful. The sex soon gets out of the way and lets you get closer to how the characters feeI. Granted, the film is not a maserpiece aside from this innovation, but it is competent and the innovation works.

I'm sorry if you find my fascination with sex in films boring. I grew up as an only child, in a very small community. I need to see the world depicted, in the public space, in order to make sense of it. When every imaginable aspect of the world is frankly depicted - and sex isn't - I feel like some sort of dirty weirdo, who is alone in having fantasies and desires. So, bravo to the (mainly European women) film directors who started showing sex as real.

This makes me feel relaxed and, well, natural. For a change, I don't feel like the weirdo mentioned above. I feel I can go out mischievous, and horny, and smiling, and with a desire to do nice things to people. Usually, I only feel that way in Paris, Amsterdam, or San Francisco, places where sex (the respectful kind) is in the public space. Yep, this is important.

The CCA, in Glasgow is a nice new building. Glasgow in general seems to have been transformed from a drab post-industrial urban centre to a rather attractive and lively city. Must go there more often. And I want to live in France, although I'd try to meet less violent characters!

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