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Well, I was cheerful and optimistic up until Friday. It was nice while it lasted. Since then, my mood has been bobbing up and down a few times a day. Simple things such as food, coffee, etc. have a dramatic impact on mood. Of these, coffee is the most effective. The only good thing is, irrespective of mood, I seem to have a lot of energy and get up early in the morning. So you get energetic happy Pavlos and enegretic grumpy Pavlos. Hmmm... I'm not sure how much of an improvement that is after all.

I'm pissed off that I have to stay in Edinburgh all of October, so that I can send off my passport to the US embassy to get a visa, which I need for a work trip at the end of November. The US embassy does not promise to return your passport after any given period of time. They could take years, theoretically. In practice they take 2-4 weeks. I'm not simply negative about Edinburgh, I'd also be pissed off if I was trapped in London, or anywhere. Thanks to everyone's favorite terrorists, I can't even fly to London without my passport (no photo ID). I want a trip to London so I'll probably go there by train, but that cuts time out of a weekend trip.

After several hours of being grumpy at having to dress up for Alison's party, I managed to find a rather elegant black waistcoat in Alexanders and went to Alison's dressed in old-fashined formal clothes. Alarmingly, all the other clothes (bowtie, shirt, cufflinks, etc.) were mine and not bought as fancy dress. Alison greeted me and, indeed, said I looked alarming. I don't know what to make of that. I think I looked like a musician. A violin would have been nice as a prop, even though I wouldn't even know how to hold it. Several other people were dressed in a similar style, including skx, whom nobody recognized on account of him wearing something red. Despite Alison's earlier admonishments, I didn't see anyone wearing knickers.

I saw someone I knew from a few years ago who, apart from being supremely attractive, and cuddly, and sweet, and a good person, is now getting on much better with their life than they were in the past. Mmmmm... I'm pleased. I will go off smiling for a bit now.

Several people who are not in my friends list may have got the impression that either there's nothing going on in my life or I'm not talking about it. Well, it's the latter. Eventually all will be made clear (hey, it's my turn to be secretive) but for the moment I feel I need to guard some privacy. No offence to anyone. This, and other thoughts, and the particular mix of people in the party made me think of various choices and events in my life, recent and past, especially around the topic of sex. Eventually (near 7am) I felt the need to go home rather suddenly, in the process offending Jon. Bummer!

Sunday consisted mostly of trying to do various straightforward things (get food, buy bike parts, play counterstrike) and failing to do any of them. I'm old enough now to know not to antagonize the gods of petty frustration, so I went home and tried contacting friends instead. This went much better. Oh, and I completely forgot that .conception was tonight until I looked at LJ. Not sure if I'd have gone otherwise.

The first joint on my right thumb still hurts. I've fallen off my bike, most unstylishly, about four weeks ago and extended my hands to stop the fall. That put too much pressure on the thumb joint, and it's still hurting me when I try to grip something firmly. Duh, skeletons! It seems to be recovering, but takes ages.


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