Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Sign rant

I was walking round Edinbvrgh and a bus came along with a big sign advertising some stupid film:
My big fat GR-Sigma-Sigma-K wedding
Eh? It is GREEK. EE, like in wEEk, not GRSSK! The letter that looks like a sideways M is called Sigma and, if that's not a hint, it's pronounced like an S. It doesn't even look like an E. There is a perfectly good E in the Greek alphabet and nothing that looks like an S. The 80's band "All about SvS" made the same mistake, as did a Greek localization kit for my Palm (written by a Russian!). I don't get it.

I was thinking about some probability puzzle sent by a friend, when I passed the following film sign at the Odeon:

The sum of all fears
How innumerate, I thought. Surely it's 1 - (the product of all hopes). But then I may be being pedantic. A further film sign in an antique shop off the High Street proclaims:
IT came from outer space
Well, that explains some people. The best, though, is a sign outside a coffee shop in South Bridge. It shows an inviting picture of a hot beverage and says:
You're daily cup
And you, sir, are last Fridays reheated bowl of soup!


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