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Achievements this week

My new email address works, in the sense that people actually send social messages to it and I find the time to reply. So this is good. Through a mixture of being disorganized and workaholic, I didn't have a proper social email address for ages (I was using work or Hotmail). The only people who never send anything to the new address are my LJ friends :-) Oh, and I seem to have crashed the web-mail server (SquirrelMail) on Friday by attaching a message with Greek characters. Evil Greek characters...

I've booked my flights to Greece, flying down on 17 September on EasyGo. I'll be back on the 31st, after my cousin's wedding. What do you get your cousin for his wedding? I shall ask my other cousing using the new email address. After that, Anastasia intends to come to Edinburgh in October. I have to stay here for long enough to get a new US visa, which I need for work.

After a long silence, I wrote a K5 story about a pet idea of mine to do with practical democratic representation. After languishing in the queue for what seemed like forever, it got posted. I got a few random doubters, one point where I was quickly convinced I was wrong (first by Alison), and various people saying it was mostly good. I feel pleased.

Last week I managed to win one game of Cosmic Encounter and jointly win the other. It is an achievement to win in Cosmic Encounter other than by chance, so I kid myself that it was not by chance. Ben winged and argued mightily, as he does and the game encourages, until just before I handed him the joint win. Most entertaining, especially when Bobby is also involved.

On Saturday, we went to the museum with Alison to look at obscenely fine tapestries and needlework. I wouldn't say it moves me at all aesthetically, but it is impressive. I was amused to find that one display case held a "gui tablet", a "jade cabbage", and a "bi disk". The gui tablet was very unintuitive, with lots of little buttons. After the museum we grabbed some food and went to mine. We thought we'd get some straightforward continental beer and carelessly got two bottles of La Chouffe, a dark stong-flavored Belgian one at 6.5%, and 750ml per bottle. So we got a bit drunk.

Alison convinced me to use the likeness I had made earlier as an LJ icon, so here it is. I can't help the fact that the faces all look young and Northern-European. Anyone got more links to avatar generators?

On Sunday, Laurence, who used to work with me, and who had come over from Holland to make my current colleagues cold and wet, returned from their camping trip and we went for dinner in Bleue. Excellent food, they could use a better beer selection. I saw Andy, who now has a goatee and looks as if he should spontaneously launch into techno DJ-ing. Both of them seem to be well.

This Wednesday, September 11, the "social comittee" at work has organized an outing where we topple wooden pins with heavy bowling balls. I don't like bowling, but I think this displays such a sharp sense of humour (they modestly claim it was an accident) that I've signed up to attend. I'll hold off supplying square pins in case it offends someone's sensibilities!

I feel a collection of micro-rants coming on now.... Will I be able to resist?


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