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I will update, dammit!

Though still on holiday in Crete, I feel compelled to update my journal now, after Alison's derisory comment that people fail to do so while on holiday. Besides, I can update it using my new handheld toy, which is the sensible thing to do since the toy is new. This activity amuses Anastasia, confuses others, and makes me feel worthily geekish.

Holday days consist of dragging ourselves to the nearest outpost of civilization to get our diaily dose of coffee and newspapers, which is reduced on account of the holiday but still quite substantial. Then, short visits to the beach (to avoid roasting alive) or some calm place high up in the mountains, separated by long drives between the two on difficult gravel/stone/boulder roads in a wholly inappropriate rented car. The car appears to still be in one piece and functioning. We usually end up exhausted and ill tempered from the activity.

In the evening, we sometimes visit friends or relatives, all of whom happen to have small children. The latter take great interest in Anastasia, and she in them, for some reason...

Because of the choices of our hosts, and sometimes simply because of what's available, we are forced to eat the charred flesh of pigs and cattle, with random foods covered in batter and deep fried in lard. We try to escape and look for something edible, like boiled greens, slow-cooked vegetables in olive oil, or some fish, but it's rather hard.

As well as eating unhealthily, the people of Iraklio (aka. Heraklion, the largest city in Crete) drive horribly, even by Greek standards. The authorlties display the twisted, broken remains of recently crashed cars on prominent stands at major intersections. I hate to imagine that this has actually improved their driving. Generally this city appears intent to surpass the worst and most stressful aspects of Athens.

Update: Anastasia has fallen slightly ill, so we are staying in this crude metropolis one more day before moving east to the civilized city of Hania (aka. Chania).



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