Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Finally saw LOTR

I finally went to see Lord Of The Rings. Unfortunately, a loud pig was sitting to my right who made it impossible to watch. He forgot to turn off his mobile, ate smelly popcorn for the duration of the film, made stupid comments loudly with his girlfriend. I have to go and see it again in order to enjoy it...

Luckily, the memory of the hoon faded faster than that of the film, so everything that comes to my mind now is very impressive. I liked all the characters except Elrond, who should have been a little older. Isengard and Moria were impressive.

I don't read many novels, and even fewer then get made into films that faithfully, so I had a strange feeling of deja vu about the story. It was bit like going to see a new film of Hamlet, or the Titanic. And here the hero is captured, there the intentions of character X will be revealed, and so on.


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