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Why are nine out of ten movies uninspired and formulaic? Because it's hard to make masterpieces, obviously, but why do we buy them? We don't buy music like that. We slowly collect music that we personally consider exceptional and listen to it over and over again. Yet we equally buy superb cinema and commercial dross and see it only once or a few times. We buy games like music and books like films. Is this something about the cost of production or about the wiring in our heads? Is it an essential feature of the media, or an accidental like conventional length. If discovery is the discriminating factor, is this extricable from narrative, and are there substitutes? To what extent is consciousness needed to create the discoverable, or to imbue it with value? Can the cycle between creation and discovery be reinforced, and can it be sustained by subconscious rather than arduous or constructivist creation?

* * *

So, we have a racist party in Greece. How, ummm... modern. Their acronym spells out the word for nation and stands for "national orthodox alarm". I kid you not. They managed to elect ten representatives. So far they have not blamed any fires on the communists. At least you cant blame Greeks for racism, we learn it as school: Evil Ottoman this, glorious Slav-cleansing emperor that, greatest nation of own arse.

* * *

Everyone in Greece talks of how political parties did in the elections as if they were appendages of their leaders. Did one party lose the election because the man in charge was too feeble? Should they pick this other guy to put in charge who has bigger balls? If that's really how the people think I propose they should use an alternative method for electing the prime minister. First they should put the candidates naked on a stage and measure their penises. Then they should have them mount some women and see how many each can manage. Finally they should measure the volume of the sperm that they produce. This method will be more amusing to watch and I think a better barometer of the popular will.

* * *

I hate coming back to this second-rate target of repugnance. Airports the world over have erected barriers around the US and UK making it clear that you're travelling to the places that people detest. If you go there, they fence you off and double check that you're not some agent of hate because, well, they expect them. At least the US work on their enemies: They bomb them and invade them and support brutal regimes. The British are just running after the emperor's chariot crying, "Us too, us too, we support the Romans, we demand that you hate us as well".


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