Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Stupid politics

As I watch the impending elections here as a sort of outsider with a good grasp of the language, it strikes me that the offering to the voters is organised in a very stupid way.

Greece is a bipolar system with fringe parties. The two parties that alternate in government behave like service providers. You put them in office, and buy state services from them. They behave entirely like integrated service providers might do: Each of them wants to sell to the entire addressable market, their package is as lousy as it can get without losing customers to the other, and each tries to have some small USP. They have PR sense too. The ruling party reacted to the country being ravaged by forest fires, and to criticism about its weakening of legal protection of the wilderness, by removing the flaming torch from its traditional logo.

I wonder if politics could be improved by electing smaller branches of government independently, in the sense that you might get better service by shopping for services individually than by buying a "for dummies" bundle. But I'm told that I'm out of touch with reality concerning people's "intelligent buying" habits.

Meanwhile on the fringe, the fascist candidate is putting on a well presented show for his following. The Left, as usual, are not. There's the boring communists with their back-to-basics slogans, the supposedly modern communists with yet another random name and logo, and the Angry Left #1, #2, and #3. There's possibly more Angry Lefts, I've only noticed these three. The Angry Left posters are, frankly, childish. I'm going to vote for the supposedly modern communists, but I despair. I'm not sure what the point of concept parties is in an election of service providers, but I wish the Left valued credibility even slightly.

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