Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Sony introduces good product!

I've been predicting failure for the PS3 for a while: High cost, late to market and therefore under-par performance, and hurt by Sony's stupid strategy of bundling an unpopular media format with everything they make in an effort to trap consumers. The company hasn't brought out an overwhelmigly good product in years, making instead wannabe palms and macs.

However, they just announced at the Game Developer Conference a virtual life product that comes free to the PS3 (cnet link). It looks good and focuses on social interaction rather than effort (which characterises games such as WoW) while also including a show-off gallery for game trophies.

I think this is a very positive announcement for Sony. If well executed it could make the difference between slide into irrelevance and climb back to dominance. I've no information to tell if it will be well executed. Sony was one of the first companies to enter this field with the game Everquest, but have lost their popularity in the multiplayer games field recently.
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