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I just can't get what I want...

And if that was in personal life, it would be fair enough. Why should other people just agree to give you what you want? When that happens you consider yourself lucky; you don't expect it as a rule...

But in shops? Surely I can expect to get what I want in shops! It's Capitalism. Supply and demand, right? I submit, temporarily but unreservedly, to the notion that my happiness will improve if I buy a Thing. The Thing that I want has definitely been made and released. It was only 2-3 months ago and they still have the promotional pictures about the shop. I know the manufacturer and model. I even did my homework so the staff don't have to answer obscure technical questions. So I expect to say "I would like a such an such please" and the staff to answer "Certainly sir, it is this much". It is my god-given right as a customer, dammit. But no, apparently not.

The subject of this particular consumer rant is a Treo, a combined Palm organizer and mobile phone. First they had a black & white model that came with Graffiti or keyboard. I though, that's great, I'll wait for the color model. The color model comes out with keyboard only! I though stuff it, I'll get the black and white model so I can have Graffiti. They don't have any. In fact they seem to be discontinuing all versions of the product to make people buy the XDA, a bulky WinCE version of the same thing at £500+subscription. All this in about three months. Sigh.

While on a bitchy mood, I also remembered how much I detest shopping in Princes Street on a Saturday afternoon. I don't know if only frustrated, harassed, and generally mean-looking Edinburgers are allowed there on Saturday. As you walk along the street it is almost impossible to see a happy, attractive face who is a local. Plod, plod; ah attractive faces, hmmm, Spanish; plod, plod; spaced-out gloom everywhere; happy face - Japanese; plod, plod; please let me hide from this sea of frustrated eyes; ah - happy people, ummm, Spanish again. What have they done to these people?

Yesterday Rabbits suggested Velvet Chains. I wasn't feeling particularly gay or fetish, or at least not the two at once, so I went to Dogme. The music was quite hard techno, as advertised, but also slow and very boring. Boom boom whitenoise whitenoise. Boom boom whitenoise whitenoise. Boom boom... Not possible to dance to it except in a very slow "early-man" type shuffle. What happened to nice, perky techno with lots of irregular and fast beats behind the main repetitive thump?

The crowd was so-so. There were several attractive women, notably Helen, and quite a few deliberately ugly men! Guys, random clumps of facial hair just aren't attractive. Even if they are carefully trimmed and left/right symmetric! Or at least to me they're not. Maybe some straight wome like it. Eeek! In general, I find straight crowds, such as yesterdays, quite challenging compared to gay/bi ones. In a straight crowd, if you close your eyes and relax (as a man), the men think you are weird. The straight men walk around in a "fear me and admire me" mask, and of course the women then put on their "fuck off, you are not cool enough" mask in response. Duck!

Tonight we shall try Digital, at the Venue. Al is DJing. I like Al, Al is fluffy. Well, his clubs are fluffy, I have no opinion on Al per-se. If it works out I intend to bounce dilligently.


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