Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

More adventures in Science Fiction

Walked out of my ridiculously cheap hotel, a needed detox from the sterile business hotels I normally see, to find a shop selling hand made truffles and espresso. Just these things.

Got a call from a childhod friend.

Stumbled into a total arcadian fantasy wet dream of a building, that I didn't even know existed. It had a lagoon, and giant useless pillars with statues and a dome and cypresses and stuff. The sort of building you would expect to find in a Star Wars concept art exhibition, rather than the other way round. Spent a short while going fuck, it's huge, fuck, it's real, fuck...

Walked through the old naval base and dipped my feet in the cold, dirty water, among the swimming dogs. I remember it being a naval base last time I was here, and seeing the boring film of the same name. There was a wedding taking pictures of themselves, or at least I think it was a wedding. It was only slightly less sombre than yesterday's funeral.

Watched the enormous motherships crawl under the equally enormous bridge, bringing stacks of boxes from across the ocean.

Trampled over cliffs and disused fortifications, designed to protect the never-attacked city from a particular generation of imaginary enemies. Probably the grandparents of the people who make stuff to put in the boxes.

Got lost, and pretended to be in Asia, a pretty convincing version of Asia dubbed into English.

I really like this city. It's one of the 2-3 places in the world where I feel at home, and Athens or Edinburgh are not among them. I really should have come here 20 years ago, or 15, or 10, or 5...

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