Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

So, today I...

Wondered if this bed has bedbugs. I'll probably survive though either way.

Felt absolutely no desire to stay in my room and play World of Warcraft, on the contrary, felt an overwhelming desire to have sex with strangers. It'll pass.

Got up early, and walked up to the hills taking pictures through the fog.

Managed to read this "El dios de los cristianos, Dios de mi infancia, no hace el amor. Quizas es el unico dios que nunca ha hecho el amor entre todos los dioces de todas las religiones de la historia humana. Cada vez que lo pienso, siento pena por el".

Knocked over the complete works of Quino, but didn't buy it because it was too heavy.

Bought some other stuff, and got a free vibrator. As in "If you spend over $50 you get a free vibrator".

Found curry at about half the price of Kebab Mahal. Ate it outside looking at a motorised funeral.

Hesitated over buying clothes, as I didn't know what an Otsu was. It's a city in southern Japan. Cool.

Went to one of the world's most dedicated coffee shops and counted sixteen macs, before unpacking mine.

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