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Pavlos is well (!)

I get the need to post on occasion when I feel cheerful and sexy, if anything to avoid the Nick Cave effect (Why do you always write sad songs? Because when I'm happy I go for a walk in the park). So, I am well. The missing libido of last weekend has indeed arrived and been some use. Work is not too stressful, and I get to draw examples of graphical displays using colored pencils. Fab! Even important events up ahead actually seem quite manageable. "It's the distance" I hear you say, but we'll see. If anything, I'm better at dealing with things in the distance than things up close, so let me enjoy it.

I even think I may achieve a nonzero level of organization soon, which would be nice. So far I managed to gather photos, passport, and form, but failed to apply for a US visa as they can take from two weeks till whenever to do it, and I'm flying to Greece on the 17th. I really have decided to get a Treo, even more so since the PalmIII finally died on Tuesday, conveniently just after I had backed it up. I have three different air-miles membership forms, together with worthwhile borading pass slips, to complete and send off to the respective airlines (to join the other five existing memberships - what did they think when they were setting this up?).

Also got two Chomskies to read, one Cahterine M. (French hedonist), and five Bankses which I'm sort of saving for a rainy day. I haven't got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from, and that's fine but I would like some bandwidth, so I have to finally order the ADSL modem and fill in the "Solo" form. I have to get my marrying cousin a bloody present! And many other people who are not marrying anyone, they too should be dragged out and got presents. I want a Pentium II 400 to keep the other one on the motherboard company in their old age. I need to overcome embarassment (of ignorance, not unfitness) and join a gym.

I want to get a motorbike license. And a scuba diving license. Which is especially boring since I already know how to do both of these things and have been doing them for about 16 years but never bothered getting certified. I have three languages to learn, a half-written byzantine game (literally), and a half-painted picture promised to Lisa, which I do plan to keep (the promise, not the picture) if I ever complete it. I want to study architecture part time, if the rather lax Greek academic system will let me. Astoundingly, I also fancy three people all of whom are in Athens Technical University!

So, there. I'm not complaining.


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