Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

All the days look the same

I hate calendar apps. Just now it occurred to me why: All the days look the same.

Now, as you know my sense of time is almost no-nexistent, but at least I have in my minds eye some notion of time being "in the past", "today", "tomorrow", "this week", or "miles away". My subjective perception of these is totally different, and if I were to draw my mental calendar I'd use different shading, as well as different-sized boxes for these times. If I were to draw some segment of the calendar that's in the future, I'd use shading or some other cue that tells me intuitively how far it is.

Why don't calendar applications do this? Even the best ones draw all the days the same! Past ones, future ones, close and distant ones all look the same, and to differentiate you have to look carefully at the printed dates. They rarely tell you how far away future dates are, so you have to count days or weeks. At best they differentiate today, and even that not very prominently. Whenever I use something like outlook, I routinely book events for the wrong week, or in the past.

Calendars should draw time as some tapering, gradient shaded future, bulging into a detailed, unshaded present, abruptly cut by the line of now and fading back into a tapering grey past.

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