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And I wasn't even drunk when I wrote that...

Edinburgh drains me. It's not any of the classic problems that people normally associate with a city, like traffic, violence, or anything. It's the failure to do whatever simple thing I want to do to have fun, day, after day, after day.

The trigger of today's anti-Edinburgh rant, despite genuine intentions not to have it is Yo! Sushi. Pretentious fucking bastards. I left Easy and its giggling sex-starved teens hoping to have a nice treat of tuna sashimi, and perhaps even find clues as to my missing libido inside it. "Would you like to have your personal beer tap switched on sir?"; "Er, yeah, I guess so, thanks" (I can tell you this feels soooo Japanese). "When you want to order something please press this button"; "Sure" (not looking good, they are expecting me to be pleased to interact with all this machinery). I eventually press the button to order some food. "Ah, I'm sorry, the kitchen is closed". Then why do you present yourself as a bloody Japanese restaurant?

I paid for my mechanically dispensed beer and went to the Filmhouse. Civilization! They had soup and fine Orkeny ale. Discovered I missed "Ioannis o viaios" a Greek film by Tonia Marketaki, a film I'd like to see and a director who passed quite close to my life, but that is perhaps another post. Eventually went to Opium. Estaba relleno des personas hispaniolas muy hermosas (y hermosos tambien). Very nice. And I don't need a change of hair due to the smoke, as is usually the case.

I didn't actually find my missing libido (I hope it turns up by tomorrow) but I did seem to find a determination to battle the forces of petty frustration and have some fun. This is good. Though it does advise against staying in Britain, which is, after all, Europe's leader for petty frustration.

On a completely unrelated note, I had a small breakthrough earlier in the day when talking with Anastasia. Apparently, some of her male colleagues, a group of men with completely different social and personal charactersitics, have a habit of hiding in a room where they download porn and make loud comments about it. I said I didn't understand this behaviour and found it degrading. They should either do it in private, or do it with people they are intimate enough to jerk off with, but they shouldn't do this "we are bonded males with all our defences on but expect the women in the pictures to be totally open and vulnerable" crap. She agreed. Joy!


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